Paul Retschko & Associates was established in 2005 to offer complete orthotic services.

Paul Retschko works alongside Orthopaedic Ankle and Foot surgeon William Edwards, this close relationship has provided our Orthotists to be exposed to complex foot and ankle disorders, requiring the highest level of orthotic treatment in Australia.

Paul Retschko and Associates provides high quality orthotic care, ranging from acute, chronic, complex and everyday foot and ankle pathology.

All custom made orthoses are manufactured at our head office in Seaford, which is fully equipped with its own manufacturing laboratory, allowing for fast turn around times for custom made orthoses.

Paul Retschko & Associates are members of AOPA, and are committed to a high level of patient care.

Please contact us to see how we can help you,

Ph: 03 9521 4515
Email: admin@paulrorthotics.com.au